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Laguna Beach, Ca


About Backward Prints

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I started Backward Prints with all intentions of spreading love and happiness through my designs. People often ask me why I named my business Backward Prints. Let me tell you, it's a rather interesting story. Growing up I always felt different. I didn't really feel like I fit in with the popular crowds, I was an introvert, and shy. But, because of enjoying all that alone time, I found myself making and creating art. In fact, I started selling stained glass to my dads coworkers. As I grew up, I decided to go off to college and major in art. It was hard because so many people around me thought I was crazy for majoring in something that wouldn't promise me a way to make money. I had so many people that seemed to doubt my dreams of becoming a business owner as an ARTIST. This fueled my fire and made me want to follow my heart and show these people that I could and would be a success! This year I celebrate 11 years of owning my business. Every day I wake up and know the reasons why I started Backward Prints -- my purpose in life is to inspire others to follow their dreams. I teach art classes to pass on my knowledge in my community, and I continue to be there for those who reach out to me for support with their endeavors.


I hope you enjoy looking at my items in my shop, and please don't hesitate to reach out and say hi!


Sincerely, Brynne