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Laguna Beach, Ca


The Importance of Following your Dreams No Matter What

Brynne Cogorno

I think it's important to follow your heart in life. I was listening to Joel Osteen while I was driving down the Independence Pass in Colorado, and he was talking about how some people will never be on board with your mission in life. It doesn't mean that they don't love you, they just don't see eye-eye with your mission in life.  Joel Osteen said, "Some people are just not your fight. God never intended on it being that way. It's better to know that God supports every decision you make; he's always behind you." My art teacher in college told me anything is possible as long as you can dream it."  I hold these words very close to my heart every single day. I'm very proud to look back on how far I've come with my business. Backward Prints celebrates 8 years in business this January 2016! I'm grateful for my experiences, and I'm happy with how successful my business has become.  I'm even more grateful for the amazing customers I've met along the way, and friendships that I've built while living in a thriving artist community here in Laguna Beach.  I hope you will embark on your own dreams one day, and just remember to never give up, and always follow your dreams.