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Love Yourself

Brynne Cogorno

Learning the art of doing whats best for myself, you know that thing called self love? I finished this painting yesterday, it was so much fun to create.  I love painting, I don't think I do it enough anymore. There is a lot of exploration that you learn about yourself when you slow down and take care of your body including it's needs and wants. Every day is a great opportunity for growth, and transformation, and I love that.

*Scroll down to download the hand illustration so you too can fill it to your liking. Enjoy

Download this and color it in for yourself. If you share it on instagram please tag us #backwardprints so we can see what you create.

Download this and color it in for yourself. If you share it on instagram please tag us #backwardprints so we can see what you create.

How to Go from Sad to Happy

Brynne Cogorno

I asked this question on Facebook: What is 1 thing that lifts you up when you're feeling down? And here are the answers. I promise you'll feel happy just reading their posts.

  1. A good conversation with a good friend

  2. Hike with my doggies or a walk on the beach

  3. Cooking

  4. Dancing

  5. Prayer

  6. Happy hour with friends

  7. My dog

  8. Meditation. Or travel

  9. Nature

  10. Faith that pain or trouble is temporary and it will get better.. and that I'll come out stronger

  11. Looking at all of the positive quotes on my Backward Prints tanks

  12. My grandchildren, all 6 of them

  13. Yoga, the beach, friends, wine

  14. Daughter dogs n beach

  15. Run on the beach

  16. nature, sunrise, sunset, bare feet, swim

  17. Sunsets, the ocean, beauty in nature

  18. Writing a song about it

  19. Getting outside and physical activity. Or good food

  20. Coconut ice cream, friends, laughter, and enjoying the little things

Learning the Art of Healing

Brynne Cogorno

I recently threw my back out which is no fun by any means.  I've learned so much in the past month about taking care of myself and the art of healing.  Here is what I've learned in a nut shell:

  • slow down
  • have faith
  • everything is going to be okay
  • breathe
  • ask for help
  • inch by inch
  • rest
  • forgive
  • be present
  • listen
  • trust
  • reach out to family and friends
  • meditate
  • journal
  • visualize yourself healthy
  • change up what's not working in your life
  • let go
  • acceptance
  • be grateful
  • self care
  • animals are amazing healers
  • get a massage
  • accupunture
  • physical therapy does wanders

I'm doing so much better today.  I take one day at a time. One breath at a time.  I've learned who my true friends are.  I'm getting better at asking for help.  Change can be scary, but change is good.  I have to believe that time will heal all, and I know my body is magnificent.  Sending you all lots of love, good thoughts, and healing energy.

Love, Brynne

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